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subo99 08-27-2015 05:48 PM

When you travel with your pets
Anyone would love to experience a new place with their adorable four-legged companion. Here are some travel tips for you to reduce troubles for your trip.

Have a solid plan:

Do research, call the hotel to make sure your pets are welcomed there and made plan of where to go with them when you reach your destination.

Crating your pets:

We all know, when you travel with your pets, you will feel bad crating him or her. But it still safer too cage them, especially when traveling by cars. Keeping your dog in a cage will not distract you from driving so you would less likely to cause or get into an accident and keeping both of you safe. If you don’t want your pets to be sad, provide them with a toy for entertainment or talk with them one in a while so they know that you’re there.

If you are having a bad time getting them into the cage, just say calm. Let them go into the crate on their own. You can lure them with their favorite treat or their toys. When your pets are inside and comfortable, make sure the lock is firm. Oh and don’t forget to give them something soft to lie on.

Plane travel:

First, you need to do some research or call and ask the airport to see if they allow your pet to travel with you, how much fees will it take and see if you have to do any health exam for your pet.

Don’t feed them too much. You don’t want your dog to have an empty stomach but keep in mind that, on a long trip, only keep them half-full. During short trip, just give them a snack and then you can give them more when you arrive at your destination. This will keep your pets from doing “business” in their cage.

It might be a better idea to not bring your pets on board. I know it will make you worry but other passengers may not enjoy the presence of your pets next to them.

Take a nice long walk before or right after you arrive at the hotel:

This is good for dog-owners for it will help both you and your best buddy have a small exercise after a long time. Besides, you can do a bit of sight-seeing on the way. Your dog may growl at strangers but that’s minor. It’s natural for your dog to be a little nervous around new people. Let the dog sniff and get to know the scent of the if possible.

Keep your pet calm at the hotel:

You don’t want to annoy anyone because of your pets. Keep them calm by playing and staying with them most of the time. Ensure the door is locked so your pets won’t ran outside. Keep them away from the bed and other hotel stuff while you go take a shower and unpacking your stuff. After all you don’t want to start your day at a hotel with a huge dump on your bed or with the bed/curtain ripped. If your pets like to break stuffs, it’s better to keep them in their cages when you are not in presence.

subo99 09-09-2015 06:08 AM

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